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God Appears to Solomon Again (2 Chronicles 7:11-22; 1 Kings 9:1-9) January 3

First Kings 9 relates that after Solomon had completed all his building projects—the temple, Solomon's residence, the queen's residence and the buildings of the national government—God appeared to him a second time. This seems to be indicated in 2 Chronicles 7:11-12 as well. Yet 1 Kings 9:10 appears to state that 20 years marked the completion of the building projects, a timing factor not mentioned in 2 Chronicles. And if that is what 1 Kings 9:10 is indicating, then, since Solomon began building the temple in the fourth year of his reign, the appearance of God would have occurred in his 24th year as king.

God appeared and made promises to Solomon. Once again, these promises are closely related to the promise God made to David in 2 Samuel 7. And, once again, some argue that the words of God to Solomon make His promise to David conditional. But they do not—the promise to David was and remains unconditional. God told Solomon that He had accepted his prayer, and that He would hear the prayers of Israel made toward the temple, and show mercy and forgiveness when His people repented. Then God added, "As for you…" (2 Chronicles 7:17), speaking of Solomon, not David. Now, what did God promise Solomon?

God promised that if he remained faithful, God would establish hisSolomon's—throne forever, as He had promised David. The promise to David was unconditional—one of his descendants would sit on a throne ruling over the children of Israel in every generation. But now God extends to Solomon the opportunity to ensure that this descendant would also be a descendant of Solomon. If Solomon sinned, then the punishment would be the destruction of the kingdom, not an immediate end to the dynasty of Solomon. If Solomon sinned, Israel would be taken from the land as a captive people. But God did not say that at the time Israel was taken captive Solomon's throne would also cease. God promised that the kingdom would be destroyed. Whether Solomon's dynasty would be extinguished at that time too was not stated. In point of fact, the Bible later reveals that Solomon's dynasty will end at Christ's second coming to take the throne (as Christ, by His mother, was a descendant of David through David's son Nathan, not Solomon). But until then, Solomon's dynasty would continue—and does so today (see "The Throne of Britain: Its Biblical Origin and Future" at

The beautiful and profound wording of 2 Chronicles 7:14 has made it one of the most well-known Bible verses to those who look to Scripture for inspiration and guidance in prayer.

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