Commentary > Exodus
Exodus 1-2 Enslavement of Israel in Egypt; Moses "drawn out"
Exodus 3-4 Burning bush and Moses' commission
Exodus 5:1-6:27 Moses confronts Pharaoh; God reiterates His promise
Exodus 6:28-8:19 Aaron's rod; Ten plagues on Egypt begin
Exodus 8:20-10:20 Still more plagues
Exodus 10:21-11:10 Darkness and warning of the final plague
Exodus 12:1-13:16 Passover, Unleavened Bread, the exodus and firstborn
Exodus 13:17-14:30 Crossing the Red Sea
Exodus 15 Song of Moses; Bitter water made sweet
Exodus 16 Manna and the test commandment
Exodus 17 Water from the Rock; Battle with the Amalekites
Exodus 18 Jethro's advice
Exodus 19 Israel arrives at Mount Sinai
Exodus 20 Ten Commandments spoken
Exodus 21 Judgments concerning servants, violence and animals
Exodus 22 Judgments concerning property and immorality
Exodus 23 Justice; Land Sabbaths; Feasts; the Promised Land
Exodus 24 Israel affirms covenant; Elders dine before God
Exodus 25 Plans for the tabernacle
Exodus 26-27 More plans for the tabernacle
Exodus 28 Garments for the priesthood
Exodus 29 Aaron and sons consecrated; Daily offerings
Exodus 30 Incense altar; Ransom money; Laver; Holy oil; Incense
Exodus 31 Artisans for the tabernacle; Sabbath a sign forever
Exodus 32 The golden calf
Exodus 33 Command to leave Sinai; Moses asks to see God's glory
Exodus 34 New tablets; Covenant relationship renewed; Moses' face shines
Exodus 35:1-36:1 Sabbath regulations; Offerings for the tabernacle; Artisans called
Exodus 36:2-38 The people bring more than enough; Constructing the tabernacle
Exodus 37 Making accoutrements for the inner tabernacle
Exodus 38 Making accoutrements for the outer tabernacle; Total materials
Exodus 39 Making the priestly garments
Exodus 40 Tabernacle set up; Covered by cloud and filled with God's glory