Commentary > Numbers
Numbers 1-2 Israel's first census; Organization of the families
Numbers 3 Levites chosen for God's service and numbered
Numbers 4 "Service of the Levite clans of Kohath, Gershon and Merari"
Numbers 5 Isolation of unclean; Restitution for trespass; Trial of jealousy
Numbers 6 Nazirite vow; Priestly blessing
Numbers 7 Dedication offering for the tabernacle
Numbers 8 Lamps arranged; Separating the Levites for God's service
Numbers 9 Passover and the Second Passover; Pillar of Cloud and Fire
Numbers 10-11 Silver trumpets; People depart and complain; 70 elders; quail and plague
Numbers 12-13 Miriam and Aaron's dissension; Spies sent into Canaan
Numbers 14 Refusal to enter Canaan; Punishment decreed; Futile entry attempt
Numbers 15 Offerings; Unintentional and deliberate sin; Sabbath breaking; tassels
Numbers 16 Korah's rebellion
Numbers 17 Aaron's rod buds
Numbers 18 Duties of priests and Levites; Tithes and offerings to support them
Numbers 19 Red heifer for purification
Numbers 20 Miriam dies; Moses errs; Edom refuses passage; Death of Aaron
Numbers 21 Battle with Arad; Bronze serpent; Kings Sihon and Og defeated
Numbers 22:41-23:26 Balaam's first and second oracles
Numbers 22:1-40 Balak sends for Balaam; Balaam's donkey
Numbers 23:27-25:18 Balaam's third through seventh oracles; Israel's harlotry in Moab
Numbers 26 Israel's second census
Numbers 27 Laws of inheritance; Joshua to succeed Moses
Numbers 28 Daily, Sabbath, monthly and Festival offerings
Numbers 29 Festival offerings continued
Numbers 30 Laws regarding vows
Numbers 31 Vengeance on the Midianites
Numbers 32 Tribes settling east of the Jordan
Numbers 33 Review of Israel's journeys; Instructions for conquering Canaan
Numbers 34 The boundaries of the Promised Land and tribal allotments
Numbers 35-36 Levite cities; Cities of refuge; Inheritances to remain within tribe