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"He Has Sent Redemption to His People" January 9-10

Psalm 112 is another wisdom psalm with, as noted above, the same acrostic structure as that of Psalm 111. The two psalms form a matched pair. Like Psalm 111, Psalm 112 also begins with "Praise the LORD" or Hallelujah-and follows from the final words of Psalm 111, "His praise endures forever." Psalm 112 then picks up where 111 leaves off with the benefit of fearing God and keeping His commandments-finding happiness in them (compare 111:5, 10; 112:1).

Comparing the two psalms, we see in Psalm 112 that the righteous, who are like God in the way they live, will be greatly blessed with honor and glory and the perpetuity that God Himself has. Notice that both God and those who follow Him are "gracious and full of compassion" (111:4; 112:4). And of both we are told, "His righteousness endures forever" (111:3; 112:3, 9).

Observe that the wonderful blessings God's people receive are not for selfishly hoarding-but for sharing with others in need. A godly person will have wisdom to manage his affairs and help others (verses 4-6), and he will not live in fear (verses 7-8). He will remain confident that God will turn things around so that "he will look in triumph on his foes" (verse 8, NIV).

Of course, we should not view Psalm 112 as a promise of material riches and an absence of hardship and harm throughout this life. God often does bless those who follow His ways with material well-being in the here and now, but we should understand the blessings mentioned throughout Psalm 112 as coming over the course of life, through generations as God's way of life is passed down, and, most importantly, as part of the ultimate inheritance of the righteous in eternity to come.

This is in stark contrast, as the last verse shows, to the wicked, who will ultimately "melt away."

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