Commentary > Psalms
Psalms 1-2 Book 1 opening: 1) The righteous blessed, the ungodly shall perish; 2) The Messiah will rule the nations
Psalms 3-6 3) Plea for deliverance from enemies; 4) Confident prayer for relief in distress; 5) Prayer for God's direction; 6) Prayer for healing
Psalms 7-10 7) Plea for deliverance from enemies; 8) God's glory in creation and human dominion; 9) Praise to God for deliverance from enemy nations; 10) Prayer for justice
Psalms 11-14 11) Trusting in God; 12) Plea for help against the proud; 13) Patiently trusting in God's salvation; 14) The foolishness of godless and corrupt mankind
Psalms 15-17 15) Those who may dwell with God; 16) The hope of those who trust in God; 17) Confident prayer for vindication, help and deliverance
Psalms 18 18) Royal praise for great deliverance
Psalms 19-21 19) God's glory in His creation and perfect law; 20) Plea for God's defense and assurance of salvation; 21) Rejoicing in God's victory
Psalms 22-24 22) The Messiah cries out to God in suffering and the ultimate outcome; 23) The blessings of following the Lord, the Shepherd; 24) Those who may stand with God in His Kingdom
Psalms 25-27 25) Prayer for deliverance and forgiveness; 26) Appeal for vindication, examination, redemption and mercy; 27) A confident prayer for God's ongoing mercy and care
Psalms 28-30 28) Confident prayer for justice; 29) The majesty of God in nature; 30) Praise to God for deliverance
Psalms 31-33 31) A trusting prayer for deliverance from persecution and false accusation; 32) Joy in forgiveness; 33) God's sovereignty in creation and human affairs
Psalms 34-35 34) Blessed is the man who trusts in God; 35) Prayer for justice and vindication
Psalms 36-37 36) Man's wickedness and God's mercy and goodness; 37) The reward of the righteous and end of the wicked
Psalms 38-39 38-39) Prayers for relief from chastening illness and enemies
Psalms 40-41 40) Prayer for relief from adversities and enemies; 41) Prayer for healing
Psalms 42-45 42-43) Yearning for God in the face of enemy oppression; 44) Collective prayer for deliverance from enemy oppression; 45) The divine King and His bride
Psalms 46-48 46) God the refuge of His people; 47) God triumphant over the nations; 48) Mount Zion, the city of the great King
Psalms 49-50 49) The foolishness of trusting in wealth; 50) God the Judge of His people
Psalms 51-53 51) Prayer of repentance; 52) The wicked who trust in wealth destroyed, the righteous who trust in God's mercy saved; 53) The foolishness of godless and corrupt mankind
Psalms 54-57 54) Prayer for help against enemies; 55) Trusting God for help through betrayal and conspiracy; 56) Trusting God for relief from enemies; 57) Trusting God for refuge from enemies
Psalms 58-60 58) God will judge justly; 59) Prayer for deliverance from surrounding enemies; 60) Prayer for restored favor and trust in God to defeat Israel's enemies
Psalms 61-64 61) Prayer to remain secure in God's presence forever; 62) Waiting on God for defense and salvation; 63) Those who long for God will rejoice but their enemies will fall; 64) Prayer for God's protection against enemy plotting
Psalms 65-66 65) Praising God for His forgiveness and calling and His provision throughout the earth; 66) Praising God's awesome works on behalf of His people collectively and individually
Psalms 67-68 67) Praising God for the blessings His Kingdom will bring; 68) Praising God for His intervention for Israel and His provision
Psalms 69-70 69-70) Pleas for deliverance from enemies
Psalms 71-72 71) Trusting prayer for help against enemies in old age; 72) Prayer to bless the reign of the king's son with endurance, dominion, compassion and provision
Psalms 73-74 73) It is foolish to envy the wicked; 74) Prayer for relief from enemies who've ravaged God's sanctuary
Psalms 75-77 75) Thanks for God's righteous judgment; 76) God's judgment to deliver all the oppressed; 77) Prayer for God to intervene as in times past
Psalms 78 78) God's dealings with and continued help to rebellious Israel
Psalms 79-80 79) Lamenting prayer over enemy invasion and devastation; 80) Prayer for national restoration
Psalms 81-83 81) Israel admonished to heed God; 82) God will judge the rulers of the earth and bring true justice; 83) Prayer for help against an international enemy coalition
Psalms 84-87 84) Yearning to dwell in God's house; 85) Prayer for restoration after captivity; 86) Prayer for mercy and help against enemies; 87) God's special love for Zion
Psalms 88-89 88) Lamenting plea for deliverance from life-threatening affliction; 89) Prayer for God to uphold the Davidic covenant in the midst of defeat
Psalms 90-91 90) Prayer for God's compassion on His mortal servants; 91) Safety of dwelling in God's presence
Psalms 92-94 92) Thanks to God for His faithfulness, whereby the righteous will triumph and the wicked will perish; 93) The eternal and invincible reign of God; 94) Prayer for God to bring justice on the wicked, with confidence that He upholds the righteous
Psalms 95-97 95) Call to worship and to not repeat Israel's past rebellion; 96) Sing praise to God, who is coming to judge the world with righteousness and truth; 97) Rejoicing in God's reign of righteousness and justice
Psalms 98-100 98) Sing praise to God for His victory, salvation and coming just rule; 99) Worship the high and holy King; 100) Thanksgiving to God who made us
Psalms 101-102 101) Commitment to righteous government; 102) Lamenting prayer in affliction with confidence in the future restoration of God's people
Psalms 103-104 103) Praising God's great love and mercy toward His people; 104) Praising God the Creator and Provider
Psalms 105 105) Praise and thanks for God's past care for and deliverance of His covenant people
Psalms 106 106) Praise and thanks for God's past patience with and mercy on rebellious Israel
Psalms 107 107) Call for people to thank God for blessing them and delivering them from troubles
Psalms 108 Confident prayer to God for victory over enemies
Psalms 105:16-45 God keeps promises; Tabernacle ministry left to continue; David returns home to Michal's scorn
Psalms 109 Lamenting prayer for help against enemies
Psalms 110 The coming reign of David's Lord, the Melchizedek Priest-King
Psalms 111 Praise to God for His righteousness and faithfulness
Psalms 112 Blessings on the righteous
Psalms 113 Praising God for His majesty and for caring for His creation
Psalms 114 God's powerful presence in delivering Israel
Psalms 115 The nations trust in useless idols; Israel should trust in the true Lord
Psalms 116 Vowing service to God in thanks for His deliverance
Psalms 117 Let all peoples praise God for His merciful love and truth
Psalms 118 Praise to God for His everlasting merciful love and prayer for salvation
Psalms 119:89-128 119: Lamed-Ayin) Loving God's law and seeking His salvation
Psalms 119:41-88 119: Waw-Kaph) Trusting in God's Word, praying for His mercy and salvation
Psalms 119:129-176 Pe-Tau) Following God's commandments and praying for help and deliverance
Psalms 119:1-40 119: Aleph-He) Meditating on and living by God's testimonies
Psalms 120 Plea for deliverance from deceitful enemies
Psalms 121 God our helper and keeper
Psalms 122 Peace to Jerusalem for God's house within
Psalms 123 Plea for relief from contempt
Psalms 124 God on His people's side
Psalms 125 God protects and perpetuates those who trust in Him
Psalms 126 Prayer for complete national restoration
Psalms 127 Security and posterity from God
Psalms 128 Blessings of those who fear God
Psalms 129 Plea for Zion's enemies to be put to shame
Psalms 130 Waiting on God's redemption
Psalms 131 Childlike hope in God
Psalms 132 Zion the dwelling of God and His Anointed
Psalms 133 Blessing of God's people in unity
Psalms 134 Praising God in His house at night
Psalms 135 Praise God for His great works in nature and for His people
Psalms 136 Thanks to God for His creation, deliverance and enduring loving mercy
Psalms 137 Remembering Zion in exile
Psalms 138 Praise to God for giving strength and revival
Psalms 139 Prayer for the all-knowing God to punish the wicked and to examine and lead His servant
Psalms 140 Prayer for deliverance from evil, violent enemies
Psalms 141 Cry to be kept from wickedness and wicked schemes
Psalms 142 Cry for deliverance from stronger persecutors
Psalms 143 Plea for deliverance from enemies
Psalms 144 Prayer for rescue from deceitful foreigners
Psalms 145 Praise for God's greatness and grace
Psalms 146 Praise to God who helps those in need
Psalms 147 Praise to God for His providential care and Word
Psalms 148 Praise to God from all creation
Psalms 149 Praise to God from His people, who will receive salvation and share in executing judgment
Psalms 150 Let all that live join in the orchestra of praise to God